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You have found your way to the website of my company, Damina Net Services.

I am Damina.


I work as a web developer in the IT-business.

I’m also a total WordPress fan girl.

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Name: Gabriella Fransson
Nickname: Gabbi, Damina
Birthdate: 1989-01-19
Residence: Greve, Denmark
Interests: Internet, music, gaming, socialising
Likings: Coffee, optimism, concerts, family, structure


I’m Gabriella/Gabbi/Damina.

I am Gabriella. I am also Damina.

I come from the Stockholm area of Sweden, but moved to Denmark in late 2012. Since then I’ve been eager to learn the danish language.

I’m also very comfortable in english having relatives from USA, England and Thailand, aswell as speaking a bit of ”school” spanish and chinese.

BUT, the languages I try and educate myself in on a daily basis are the web programming languages.

I’m a web developer.

At the age of twelve I got introduced to the concept of coding a personal website. I giggle when I think back on the design of that first site. It was a background of cartoon ducklings, a small content window with a background of an angel and absolutely unreadable purple text on top. But I also remember being both proud and amazed at the possibilities of website making.

A door opened and for years I was learning more and more about HTML, CSS, PHP and designing.

Over the years I also went through many free webhosts and domains, learning along the way what to look for and what to avoid.

I first stumbled upon WordPress as I had gotten into the blogging world and was curious about different blogging tools for personal usage. The interest for the CMS was put on hold for a few years, having lost the interest in blogging, and rose again at a crossroads with my working environment.

<html> code is poetry. </html>


My areas

I have for about twelve years been challenging myself as a developer of HTML and CSS. Slowly but steadily, thanks to the world of internet and the people I have gotten to know through it, I have become better and better at what I do.

Today I’m confident in my knowledge and experience in both these languages. Though happily, since the world of developing languages constantly grows and changes, there’s always more to learn which creates an ambition fueling me with the need and wish to become even greater.

I have over time also gotten more interested in PHP and JavaScript, and can today read and understand it well.

My goal in my occupation is to continue to try and stay with the flow and not lose the spirit of always wanting more, continuing to learn more about the languages I already master and at the same time try and get my head wrapped around new areas.

I believe the quote ”the sky’s the limit” is quite fitting in the world of web developing because one can continue to grow within it and there will always be new worlds to explore.

I am interested in Responsive Design. The meaning of that is that the developing world has taken it upon themselves to meet the current market of different platforms, the tablets and the phones, and control how the websites are represented on their browsers.

This has created a new sense of consideration in building websites, having to make them more flexible and sensitive to what kind of platform is reading the website.

I personally think this is very important and have with joy looked upon many websites also considering this and having beautiful sites aswell in the browser on the computer aswell as on their smartphone.

Therefor it is something I will always try and highlight and educate others about.


I have for many years now been interested in the content management system WordPress. Since 2010 I’ve been working with it very actively.

I personally like many aspects of the tool, for example the interface, the online support, and the world of plugins.

It has inspired and allowed me to grow as a developer in many ways.

I build and design my own themes and as of today have three complete themes I use to build new sites.

What I also like about this tool is the way it allows people without much knowledge of developing and coding to still be able to frequently change the website.

Once I have set the standard for the site I can with some simple instructions have the clients, all by themselves, add news posts and update their content.

Being online

It is of great importance to be aware of your business’ presence online.

By having a good active website and being up-to-date with the social medias you are so much more visible and have a much greater chance of having an impact on potential customers and clients.

I try and be in the loop of what is out there and the best ways to stand out in a big crowd.

Considering the net is such a big and growing world it’s not an easy task, but I’d like to think that with my experience of both personal and business related usage I have gained useable knowledge.

It’s also not only about the ideas and understanding of the medias, but also about the practical/technical ways of connecting the different platforms together.

I currently spend my work hours as a consultant to Human Brothers in Sweden.



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